The best cheap VPNs for PestScan

PestScan is used in different companies. Thanks to a built-in online spyware scanner one may feel secure about the files stored on a device and other applications run on it. This application blocks access to users’ data and protects users against pest patrol spyware on Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, Unix, HP, AIX and IBM devices. Thus, a person will not be swamped with ads.

The developers of PestScan decided to inculcate free online spyware scanner into the application to assure the users of zero monitoring while using this program. PestScan is a great solution for small scale business, as the program can be used by up to 100 users at a time. The pricing system moderate enough. Besides, the individual approach is used. Thus, one will be proposed to fill in the form to identify how much does the service cost personally for this client. For example, the company with a few number of employees may pay less.

The greatest advantage of this program is the facility to attract more new users by means of the website of the company. PestScan helps to prevent troubles with the company website.

Vulnerability of PestScan spyware scanner

The program is really great for those who want to bill, schedule the company activity and control everything by means of one simple application. Nevertheless, there is a serious threat – monitoring.

The developers say that one may monitor the program from every corner of the world. Moreover, the system identifies the location of the person who uses it. On the one hand, it sounds great, as the head of the company can monitor the employees’ work even being abroad on a business trip. But on the other hand, it means that in case computer crackers access the program or any device with PestScan installed on it, all data may become available for third parties.

To everyone’s regret, the application is not protected against cracking and the data stored there, are not ciphered. In this regard, one should use a VPN for the protection of his business.

The method to use PestScan securely

Want to use PestScan and other online services without any bounds, free and maximum safe? It’s time to uncover a VPN!

For some time past, there are a lot of critics who call this technology a terror tool. This is one of numerous reasons why there are a lot of myths that are to be exploded.

Myth #1: An average man doesn’t need a VPN.

Censorship becomes more severe and the number of blocked services increases. Thus, the person is limited. With a good VPN one will access any websites blocked for the country one lives in.

Myth #2: VPN is for criminals.

People don’t live in the houses with glass walls and don’t walk down the street being naked. We want to keep private things and there aren’t any criminal in such actions. If a person wants to keep his online activity from third parties, it doesn’t mean it is something bad.

VPN allows protecting all user’s sensitive data and guarantees personal privacy and security of payments details.

Myth #3: A person will be found if brasses want it

It is true but only if we are talking about free VPNs. If one chooses a reliable VPN, it is can hardly be imagined. VPNs follow the law of the country where they are based. Each provider possesses and follows its own rules. To identify how reliable this or that VPN provider is, it is required to study its history and read the “Terms of condition” documents thoroughly.

Myths #4: VPNs sell users’ data

Any business exists to make money. VPN service is business as well. In case a person is to pay for a VPN provider it is clear how it makes money. But if not? Frequently, free services even don’t keep back the fact that they deliver the information third parties. It happens because users don’t read “Terms of service” and don’t ask questions.

Paid VPNs are not interested in data selling as they treasure the subscribers and reputation.

Myths #5: VPN is difficult to use and only a technical consumers can manage it

As it was said previously, VPN service is business. To boost profits, a lot of consumers are required. To attract more, clients service is to be maximum available and easy to understand and use it.

VPN today is a service which can be comprehended by anyone. If one manages to use a password it means there aren’t any difficulties to use VPNs. There are only a couple of steps to start being an active VPN client and be secure while browsing the Internet on any device one possesses.

What is a VPN?

VPN conceals person’s identity and location, protects transmitted and received data, makes blocked services accessible.

The technology uses the name of a Virtual Private Network as the wire is not required for the system to function. It works over the World Wide Web. The word ‘Private’ means that it is closed from third parties.

If one wants to use this free online spyware scanner, it is recommended to use a VPN as a helper in security providing.

What is cheap VPN?

Many people think that quality VPN services should cost much money, and those cheap VPN services are not worth trying. After you read this paragraph, you will change your point of view on this!

Cheap VPN services also their advantages, which let you both take use of quality services and save money for yourself.

Among the best cheap VPNs are:

Express VPN which offers you more than 90 countries with VPN server locations. Moreover, it lets you save about 35% for a two-year subscription.

Nord VPN costs even cheaper, but has no less good features: reliable encryption and data transfer protocol, kill-switch and many others.

Another cheap VPN is SaferVPN which provides with various protocols to transfer the data on the Internet. Moreover, saving about 80% with SaferVPN is quite real.

The next cheap VPN that can be named as the best one is CyberGhost. One of the main advantages is its compatibility with multiple platforms, even with Smart TV.

With Hide My Ass, you can save up to 40%, which is not bad. In addition, you can take use of good opportunities for safe and private internet surfing.

The best cheap VPNs for PestScan

Many people because of the backdrop of a crisis tend to save money and use only the services which are worth doing. VPN is one of such services.

Besides, VPN developers allow saving between up to 80% a month. It is possible to spend a tiny amount of money to use any service one wants securely. The best cheap VPN are presented for the users of this website. Let’s study them in details.



The greatest feature of this provider is the facility to visit over 90 countries! Only virtually, but still. It makes user’s online activity absolutely secure. Besides, ne may save up to 35% a month in case he pays for two years at once.

Price: $8.32 – $12.95 a month

NordVPN functions properly, but in case of some troubles, the Internet access will be blocked automatically by the system thanks to the function of kill-switch. Why not to save up to 52% and be secure while browsing the Internet.

Price: $5.75 – $11.95 a month





The service uses the best tunneling protocols to encrypt users’ traffic: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2 and PPTP. The diversity of protocols allows changing the most suitable one for this or that activity. Fantastic but real – save 80% with Safervpn.

Price: $3.49 – $8.99 a month

Want to access blocked services? CyberGhostPro will solve this problem. Besides, one may use it on various devices, even on smart TVs if they are running on Android OS. This provider is a perfect tool to be online in a safe way.

Price: $2.90 – $10.49 a month







Afraid of being monitored while torrenting? Is it scaring that anyone spies on you via the camera of a gadget? This VPN service will hide a user and his activity in the cyber space. Besides, it is possible to pay 43% less.

Price: $6.55 – $11.52 a month

Cheap doesn’t mean free

Some naive users tend to believe that free services can also be good to be protected online. But, unfortunately, it can hardly be true.

First of all, some VPN services offer free trial and after it one is to pay for attendance. It doesn’t mean that a VPN is free. It only allows users to understand whether this service suits him or not. Besides, it is very attractive to use something free for a while, isn’t it? Thus, some VPNs allow using it without payment for a month. During this time a person gets used to it, and one is to subscribe in this case, both user and VPN provider have profited.

Secondly, those single VPNs which are really free, may become internet consumer unprotected, as they may hand over user’s data (that are supposed to be ciphered) to third parties. Perhaps, some of them may even be controlled by them.

Thirdly, free VPN providers can sell the information on their subscribers with the purpose to receive a fee.

It makes sense to assume that free (not cheap) services are not only a bad idea, but they may bring users lots of troubles.

Parting shot

The word “cheap” does NOT always mean bad. In the context of VPN services the word cheap is used to show the will of providers not to make money on users, but to protect them for a moderate price.

The VPN services presented in this article are great examples of the tools which can be used by everyone notwithstanding the price. They all are affordable! Besides, everyone can become the client of such services because of simple interface, diversity of facilities and real protection against any type of threat on the Internet.

Why not to become a VPN subscriber paying only $2.90 a month? Cheap VPNs can make your Internet activity safe! It is much better to prevent a problem, than to face its negative consequences.

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